Prize winners of the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science 2015

On 6 October 2015 in Riga (Latvia), meeting of the Joint Jury of the Baltic Assembly Prize for  Literature, the Arts and Science 2015 was held. During the meeting, members of the Joint Jury assessed the works nominated for the Prizes and made a decision in regard to the awarding of the Prizes.


Winners for the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science in 2015 are the following:

In LITERATURE: Māris Bērziņš (Latvia), writer, nominated for his novel “The Taste of Lead” (2015).

In THE ARTS: Modestas Pitrėnas (Lithuania), conductor, nominated for his creative endeavours to advance the idea of interaction amongst the cultures of all the three Baltic States and to further their cultural promotion on the European and global scale by conducting numerous plays and concerts in performance venues and theatres in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In SCIENCE: Eva-Clarita Pettai and Vello Pettai (Estonia), nominated for their monograph “Transitional and Retrospective Justice in the Baltic States”.


The winners of the Baltic Assembly Prizes are awarded with monetary award in amount of EUR 5000 per each, a certificate and a statuette, which are awarded annually during the Session of the Baltic Assembly. This year, the Awarding of the Prizes will be held on 19 November 2015 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

The Joint Jury of the Baltic Assembly is composed from nine experts in literature, the arts and science from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This year, the Joint Jury was composed of the following experts in Literature: Antanas A. Jonynas (Lithuania), Inga Žolude (Latvia), Kätlin Kaldmaa (Estonia); in the Arts: Petras Skirmantas (Lithuania), Valdis Muktupāvels (Latvia), Juko-Mart Kõlar (Estonia), and in Science: Stasys Vaitekunas (Lithuania), Raita Karnīte (Latvia) and Prof Valters Nollendorfs (representative for Estonia). 


Other nominated candidates for the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science in 2015 were the following:

In Literature:

Sigitas Parulskis (Lithuania), poet, prose writer, literature critic, playwright, essayist and translator, nominated for books – novel “Darkness” and “Company”, essay collections “Wanting Something Tender Before Dying and My Fang Conviction”.

Triin Soomets (Estonia), nominated for her collection of poems “Features of Things” (2013).

In the Arts:

Laima Jansone (Latvia), ethno-musicologist, composer and kokle player, nominated for her contribution to a revival of the playing kokle and for kokle integration into contemporary academic, jazz and world music genres.

Helen Sildna (Estonia), nominated for outstanding contribution to Estonian music life and it’s international profile through founding and organising “Tallinn Music Week” festivals.

In Science:

Prof.habil. Zenonas Norkus (Lithuania), professor, nominated for his monographs “On Baltic Slovenia and Adriatic Lithuania: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Patterns in Post-Communist Transformation” (2012) and “Two Twenty-Year Periods of Independence: Capitalism, Class and Democracy in the First and the Second Republic of Lithuania from the Point of View of Comparative Historical Sociology” (2014).

Dr.habil.sc.pol. Dr. iur., Tālavs Jundzis (Latvia), researcher, nominated for his scholarly research on the processes of regaining Latvia's independence, which are published in a collection of documents "Regaining independence: “Non-violent resistance in Latvia 1945-1991" three volumes and in monograph "Restoration of Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Latvia 1946-1994" in co-authorship with Eduards Bruno Deksnis.



Photos by Reinis Inkēns, Chancellery of the Saeima