Eastern Partnership Conference of the Baltic Assembly “Can We Deliver? Setting our Course over the next Ten Years”

On 31 May 2019 in Vilnius, Baltic Assembly is organising the Eastern Partnership Conference “Can We Deliver? Setting our Course over the next Ten Years.” During the Conference, parliamentarians, governmental representatives and researchers from the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries will focus on three main themes:

  • Eastern Partnership: A Window of Opportunity in 2025-2028 to build European Perspective for EU Association Countries during EU Presidencies of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia
  • Putting Words into Action: Mobilising International Support over the next Decade
  • Mobilising Investment Assistance for Best-performing Eastern Partnership Countries: Working with Public and Private partners


During last four years on a biannual basis, the Baltic Assembly organises conferences to assess parliamentary contribution within the framework of the Eastern Partnership. We strongly support the Eastern Partnership as a strategic dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy and key element for stability and economic progress in the Eastern neighbourhood. Relations with the Eastern Partnership countries must remain a high priority of the European Union foreign policy.

This Conference will present an opportunity for policy makers to share their opinions on building a European perspective for EU Eastern Partnership countries in the following decade, mobilising international support and providing assistance for best-performing Eastern Partnership countries.