Eastern Partnership Conference

On 9 June 2017 in Riga (Latvia), conference of the Baltic Assembly with participation of the Benelux Parliament, GUAM Parliamentary Assembly, Nordic Council and Visegrad Countries entitled “Together in Strengthening Our Cooperation" was held.

The conference was organised in two sessions. The first session of the conference was devoted to the EU relations with Eastern neighbours and their perspectives. The participants dicussed the role of parliaments in enabling the partners to achieve sustainable results, as well as the way GUAM countries should proceed further with their reform process to form a more prosperous and developed region.

In turn, the second session focused on people-to-people contacts as the pulse of the Eastern Partnership. The participants discussed the best practices accumulated by parliaments to stimulate and improve people-to-people contacts and exchange of expertise, business-to-business contacts, visa liberalisation, as well as youth, education and cultural exchange programmes and how to promote them and make them more accessible.

This conference served as a platform not only for highlighting the key issues but also provided an opportunity to share the best practices accumulated across the parliaments of the EU member states.










Photos by Administration of Saeima (author Reinis Inkēns)