Budget and Audit Committee


Members of the Committee

  • Inga Goldberga, Chair, Latvia
  • Mihhail Korb, Vice Chair, Estonia
  • Valdemaras Valkiūnas, Vice Chair, Lithuania
  • Iveta Bēkhena-Bēkena, Member, Latvia
  • Kęstutis Masiulis, Member, Lithuania

Composition and work of the Committee

The BA Budget and Audit Committee comprises of two members from each national delegation, who are neither Chairpersons nor Vice Chairpersons of the delegation. The composition of the committee is approved by the BA Session.

The Committee examines financial documents of the Baltic Assembly, drafts a procedure for the use of funds and other BA resources, considers the draft budget of the next year, which has been drawn up by the Presidium and the Secretariat, as well as exercises control over the BA expenses, and at the Session makes a report on the implementation of the BA budget for the preceding year and the validity of expenses.

Our partners

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