Education, Science and Culture Committee


Members of the Committee

  • Dagmāra Beitnere-Le Galla, Chair, Latvia
  • Signe Kivi, Vice Chair, Estonia
  • Vytautas Juozapaitis, Vice Chair, Lithuania
  • Iveta Benhena-Bēkena, Member, Latvia
  • Aigars Bikše, Member, Latvia
  • Janīna Kursīte-Pakule, Member, Latvia
  • Helle-Moonika Helme, Member, Estonia
  • Laima Nagienė, Member, Lithuania
  • Edita Rudelienė, Member, Lithuania
  • Artūras Žukauskas, Member, Lithuania

Priorities of the Committee in 2022 under the Latvian presidency

  • Strategic partnerships in education and science to cope with the new challenges posed by COVID-19
  • Science and technology education in the Baltic states

Implementation of the recommendations of the Baltic Assembly

  • Joint initiatives to improve research quality and academic visibility
  • Cooperation with CERN
  • Baltic cooperation in space
  • Development of the Baltic Culture Fund
  • Cultural cooperation and minimising environmental footprint

Priorities of the Committee for 2017-2021

Priorities of the Education, Science and Culture Committee of the Baltic Assembly for 2017 – 2021 (download


Our partners

National and international partners of the Baltic Assembly