Statutes of the Baltic Assembly

On 31 October 1993 in Tallinn, the 3rd Session of the Baltic Assembly adopted Regulations of the Baltic Assembly of the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania. These Regulations determined main principles of the Baltic Assembly and its bodies, setting agenda, decision making procedure and cooperation with other international partners.

These Regulations have been amended twice:

1. On 27 April 1997 in Pärnu, the 10th Session of the Baltic Assembly adopted amendments to the Regulations by amending the chapters on the decision-making procedure and establishing the Drafting Committee;

2. On 28 November 1998 in Tallinn, the 13th Session of the Baltic Assembly adopted amendments to the Regulations by defining the legal status of the Baltic Assembly.

In 1997 - 1998, members of the Legal Committee discussed the Regulations of the Baltic Assembly and recognised numerous deficiencies, for example, the competence, functions and rights of its bodies were not clearly defined; it was not specified on what occasions extraordinary sessions could be convened, who would be the convener and how the agenda should be drawn up; there were no provisions on financing of the Baltic Assembly etc. At the 12th Session on 8 – 9 May 1998, member of the Legal Committee and member of the Estonian delegation to the Baltic Assembly Daimar Liiv proposed to draft new Statutes of the Baltic Assembly. The drafting of the Statutes was started, but it took longer than expected. The draft Statutes had to be examined not only by the BA Legal Committee but also by the Legal Departments of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian national parliaments and Ministries of Justice. 

The BA Statutes were adopted on 29 May 1999 in Vilnius. The consolidated text of the Statutes contains the amendments adopted: on 27 May 2000; 14 December 2002; 29 November 2003; 19 December 2004; 22 October 2010; 25 November 2011; 24 October 2014 and 10 November 2017.

The Statutes of the Baltic Assembly consist of 6 chapters and 38 articles that regulate the basic activities of the Baltic Assembly, the work of its bodies, the procedure for preparing BA documents, and cooperation with the Baltic Council of Ministers.

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