President: Russian war could increase impunity for the drug trade and ultimately increase trafficking

On 18-19 June 2023, the Benelux Parliament in Maastricht, the Netherlands, held its Session dedicated to cross-border drug crime and corporate social responsibility. 

President of the Baltic Assembly Timo Suslov shared the experience of the Baltic States regarding cross-border crime. "In our region, many challenges have been caused by Russian and Belarussian criminals. And considering our similar challenges, the Baltic States are working together on combatting drug smuggling and cooperation in this area has intensified. The most successful common projects also show significant results, namely, tonnes of ceased drugs and hundreds of arrested criminals."

Timo Suslov also added that another challenge that needs to be emphasized is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He said that it is important to understand that this ongoing war will affect also the fight against illegal drug trafficking. "The impact will be most felt on drug trafficking inside but also around Ukraine. Experts have expressed their concerns that the war could increase impunity for the drug trade and ultimately increase drug trafficking and production. This is yet another reason why we need to put all our efforts to stop the Russian aggression in Europe. The ongoing military attacks by Russia will continue to cause damage to Ukraine and also our countries," explained the President.

President of the Baltic Assembly Timo Suslov concluded his address with a reminder that "only Ukraine’s victory and decisive actions after the war can bring back long-term peace and stability for the people of Europe."

The Baltic Assembly at the Benelux Session was represented by President Timo Suslov, Vice Presidents Andrius Kupčinskas and Jānis Vucāns and member of the Security and Defence Committee Andrius Mazuronis.


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