Parliamentarians to continue the debate about the advanced particle therapy center for the Baltic States

 On 24-25 May 2023, CERN Workshop “Particle therapy - future for the Baltic States? State-of-play, synergies and challenges” will take place in Geneva, Switzerland.

The main topic of the workshop is the joint initiative of the CERN Baltic Group and CERN on the Advanced Particle Therapy Center for the Baltic States. The Presidium and the Health, Welfare and Family Committee have assessed the joint initiative and the members are convinced that such a project is significant and will have a huge impact on cancer treatment in the Baltic States.

The main rationale of the workshop is to follow up on the discussions and to jointly brainstorm and work on the identified critical aspects of the “Advanced Particle Therapy Center in the Baltic States” initiative among the key experts of the Baltic States in the involved fields. Discussions and outcomes of this workshop are crucial for future developments and the next steps of the project initiative.

The Baltic Assembly at the CERN Workshop will be represented by Vice Chair of the Health, Welfare and Family Committee Antoņina Ņenaševa and Member of the Security and Defence Committee Andrius Mazuronis.

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