Baltic Assembly participates in the Session of the Interregional Parliamentary Council

On 8 December 2023, Member of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly Enn Eesmaa participated in the Session of the Interregional Parliamentary Council (IPC) in Trier (Germany). The IPC is the consultative parliamentary assembly of the Greater Region, which is made up of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Lorraine in France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and, in Belgium, Wallonia, the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels and the German-speaking community.

Enn Eesmaa represented the Baltic Assembly and introduced its work. He also talked about the close relations that the Baltic States have with Ukraine. "The Baltic States were among the first who ensure assistance to Ukraine. The countries are also thinking about the future, namely, each of the Baltic States is actively working to rebuild the Ukrainian cities destroyed by Russia," added Enn Eesmaa.

President of the Benelux Parliament Pim van Ballekom also addressed the Session and presented the work of the Benelux Parliament. He informed about the well-established cooperation with the Baltic Assembly and the recently signed cooperation agreement between both organisations.

During the Session, such topics as flexibility of the labour market, cross-border challenges regarding childcare, protection of children and minors in cross-border regions, railway transport challenges, combating African swine fever, and others.


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