Parliamentarians to discuss the economic and security cooperation of the Baltic States

On 20 January 2023, the joint meeting of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee and the Security and Defence Committee of the Baltic Assembly will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. During the meeting, parliamentarians, government representatives, and experts will focus on the joint actions of the Baltic States to mitigate the economic impact of Russia's war in Ukraine. Another topic discussed will be the digital cooperation of the Baltic States and the joint activities for improving cybersecurity and security during digital transformation in the region. Cooperation of the Baltic States regarding military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine will also be assessed. Lastly, governmental representatives will report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Baltic Assembly in 2022 and plans for 2023 regarding digital cooperation, such as mechanisms for regular exchange of expierience and knowledge about digital transformation and usage of electronic signatures between the Baltic States.


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