Baltic parlamentarians to discuss developments in education, science, and healthcare

The Baltic Assembly will hold a joint meeting of its Education, Science and Culture Committee & the Health, Welfare and Family Committee on 8 March 2024, at the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, in Vilnius. The meeting aims to foster regional cooperation and enhance scientific and healthcare initiatives across the Baltic States.

Baltic parlamentarians plan to discuss the automatic recognition of higher education degrees within the region, as well as the development and EU co-financing prospects of an advanced particle cancer therapy center. This joint initiative of the CERN Baltic Group and CERN on Advanced Particle Therapy Center for the Baltic States signifies a big step towards combating cancer with cutting-edge technology.

Additionally, the meeting will focus on the creation of a Baltic Research Fund, aimed at bolstering scientific excellence and facilitating research collaboration across the Baltic States. This fund represents a strategic effort to enhance the region's research capabilities and address critical scientific needs.

The latter part of the meeting will explore strategies to improve the accessibility and affordability of medicines in the Baltic States, considering the cooperation for joint procurements and creating efficient systems to address medicine shortages. This session underscores the Baltic Assembly's commitment to improving healthcare outcomes and ensuring sustainable access to innovative treatments across the region.

This joint meeting is a testament to the Baltic Assembly's dedication to advancing educational, scientific, and healthcare priorities, fostering regional solidarity, and enhancing the welfare of its citizens.


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