Baltic parliamentarians participate in the meeting of the Climate Protection and Biodiversity Working Group of the BSPC

On 9-10 May, the parliamentarians of the Baltic States participated in the 5th Meeting of the BSPC Working Group on Climate Change and Biodiversity in Mariehamn, Åland.

During the meeting, the parliamentarians of the Baltic Sea states discussed many questions related to sustainability and protecting the climate and biodiversity.  Numerous experts were invited to inform the parliamentarians about good practices from Åland, such as smart energy and sea-based wind power projects. The participants also had the possibility to learn about habitability in the Islands and how they are reaching their sustainability targets. Afterwards, the official meeting of the Working Group took place, in which the parties discussed the current state of the group and further work, especially in the context of the upcoming Annual Conference and the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum in Stockholm as climate change and biodiversity will be core themes of discussion.

The delegation of the Baltic Assembly consisted of President Jānis Vucāns and Member of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee Andres Metsoja. Chair of the Latvian delegation to the BSPC Arvils Ašeradens also took part in the meeting.

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