Baltic Assembly participating in the Nordic-Baltic Energy conference 2021: Energy delivery in the European Green Deal

On 29 June 2021, the members of the Baltic Assembly participated in the Nordic-Baltic Energy conference 2021: Energy delivery in the European Green Deal. During the conference, such topics as off-shore wind challenges, energy efficiency in the building sector, hydrogen and CCUS, as well as the European Green Deal were discussed.

Key conclusions from the Nordic-Baltic Energy conference 2021

The conference gathered experts from all three Baltic states, including top administration, regional energy companies as well as the European Commissioner for Energy. Numerous times regional cooperation was mentioned as of critical importance, since it is key for success. Developing the Baltic grids and energy markets was also pointed out as very substantial.

Priorities of the Baltic Assembly in 2021

This year one of the priorities of the Baltic Assembly is interconnected energy and transport networks. The Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee and the Natural Resources and Environment Committee also has prioritised energy security and climate neutrality, as well as finding the regional solution in regard to the regional transmission tariff for electricity trade with third countries.

In July, answers from the governments of the Baltic states about the implementations of the recommendations will be received. They also include development of joint renewable energy projects, hydrogen technologies and the development of the common electricity and gas market, as well as synchronisation of the Baltic electricity networks with European networks.

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